Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blue Flag Travel Scam – Another GC Resorts Scam

Not content with their current group of fraudulent companies, Eugen Kaiser has started another scam almost identical to the original GC Resorts scam.

In fact the new website for the Blue Flag Travel scam is almost exactly the same as the GC Resorts website and according to reports the cold call telesales team is using the same underhand tactics to lure unsuspecting timeshare owners on the offer of a cheap holiday or for a meeting about selling their timeshare only to be given the hard sell for a dubious discount holiday scheme.

Blue Flag Travel – like GC Resorts - is also unclear about where they obtained the personal details of the people they cold call.  Beware this is the same bunch of crooks using the same illegally acquired data and the same “switch and bait” tactics that have led to GC Resorts having such a bad reputation and having to change their name to Blue Flag Travel. 

Do not let the Blue Flag Travel scam take your hard earned money!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The GC Resorts Group of Fraudsters

When we first started this blog it was to highlight the gc resorts scam.  But it turns out that their are lots of people who have been defrauded out of their savings.  We have received many emails from people showing us instances on the world wide web where other victims have written there stories about being scammed by reclaim gc or gc resorts or voyager or any one of a number of companies that have been set up to create confusion and fear amongst timeshare owners.  And the goal of Eugen Kaisers group of companys?  TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!!!! 

Heres some more views on the scam from the world wide web

The latest scam to come from the GC Resorts web of companys in Gran Canaria.

More lies from gc resorts, reclaim gc and Claims directive

Read the storys of victims scammed by gc resorts.  This time under the name Design Vacation

Industry regulator highlights the gc resorts, reclaimgc scams

Thursday, 15 March 2012

GC resorts Eugen Kaiser still scamming tourists

We got involved with the GC resorts scam because they told us that as we had paid a deposit to our timeshare company it was breaking the law and we could get our money back.  They are roping people in to spending money on useless “legal” fees by telling them that they have been ripped off.                    
How can they be saying things like that when it is exactly what they are doing with their Voyager  Travel?  ITS ALL PART OF THE SAME WEB OF FRAUD!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Scammed by GC Resorts

Eugen Kaiser Scammer
I have had timeshares for a few years and thought I’d heard it all until one night last summer I got a cold call from GC Resorts who said they were calling on behalf of RCI.  They knew everything about my ownership and seemed like they were above board.

After a long chat I admitted that I was unhappy with what i owned and with the company who sold me the timeshare.  They said they were a legal company and that they had a group of owners who were fed up like me and were putting together a class action suit. They said they could also get me my money back through a system called Reclaim GC.

I was invited out to Gran Canaria – I paid for my flights and paid GC Resorts £295 for accommodation -  and was made to attend a meeting under the guise of sorting out my timeshare.  It was the usual thing where the rep tried to be our best friend and then when we were relaxed he tried to sell us a holiday pack which I think was called a voyager or something.

When we said no they took us to a “legal” office in Arguineguin and took all our details to pass on to a lawyer.  We only own 2 weeks of timeshare but they still asked us for £1,900 for legal fees.  We met another couple who had been through exactly the same experience but they owned more weeks and had paid £10,000.

GC Resorts - Scammers in Gran Canaria
We have since looked on the internet and found out the GC Resorts is just a big scam set up by Eugen Kaiser who has been in trouble with the law before for fraud.  We have also heard that the reason his company GC resorts has our details is that he bought them from someone who stole all the database from a big timeshare company when he left and sold it on to all the dodgy companies around.

All this has left us seriously out of pocket and we haven’t solved our problems at all.  It is just a big con to try to pray on people with problems.

GC Resorts make out that they are there to help you and to fight your corner but really they are just trying to con you out of your money.  And the man behind it all Eugene Kaiser is a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.

Here are some of the things i found out about Eugen Kaisers scams with GC Resorts and other companies that he has set up for conning people.

Eugen Kaiser Scams and GC Resorts Fraud

By joining the dots and looking around the internet I have found that the dirty crook Eugen Kaiser is behind these scam companies and I’m sure thats just the top of the iceberg –

·         GC Resorts
·         Reclaim GC
·         Claims Directive
·         Design Vacation
·         Lifestyle Vacation
·         Lifestyle Holidays Limited
·         Columbus Imperial Club
·         Design Vacation Exchange
·         The Property Shop Gran Canaria

And here is what the internet has to say about some of Eugen Kaiser’s fraudulent scam companies.  Click on the blue links to visit the original websites.

·      The Timeshare Association (TATOC) list of scam companies that cold call timeshare owners – see how many other of Eugen Kaiser’s companies you can spot!!!

 Advice for owners caught in a reclaimgc scam

 All about Eugen Kaiser scamming legal fees. Note the initials EFK in the post by Socrates stand for Eugen Friedrich Kaiser

Naming and shaming reclaimgc the scam merchants

Warning from RCI about GC Resorts falsely using the RCI name

Complaint about Design Vacation another bogus holiday club of Eugene Kaiser

Lots more complaints by people who have been scammed by Design Vacation

 Holiday Watchdog forum where more members of the public talk about being scammed by Eugen Kaisers Voyager Holiday Club

ReclaimGC and Voyager claim more victims

Scam alert - GC Resorts posing as RCI again

An employee of Reclaim GC poses as a timeshare owner and tells lies

Report about the dubious voyager product and Eugen Kaiser being arrested twice by the Spanish Police

Eugene Kaisers company cold calls timeshare owners with fraudulent scheme

Reclaim GC take upfront fees for non-existent legal costs and sell consumers scam products

Website saying  gc resorts are recognised cold caller pests